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Terms and Conditions - Online Marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising

Terms and Conditions

SC Seles Online Project SRL, which operates under the brand Pro Digital Media, offers online services which consists of advertising, web development, graphics and design. The firm’s activity takes part online, at the web address www.prodigitalmedia.ro.

  1. General information

1.1 Terms and conditions apply to all users, both to customers and bloggers. This site contains links to other sites which are not in the property or under the control of the administrator. The administrator is not responsible of the content, policy or practices of any other site. Using our site you accept all its imposed conditions.

1.2 The administrator has the right to modify “Terms and conditions” any time he considers it is necessary. There can be made changes on this page without any previous notifications and without providing a specific reason.

  1. Using the site

2.1 www.prodigitalmedia.ro is a site destined only for people who are at least 18 years old.

2.2 The site www.prodigitalmedia.ro can be used without creating a user account (customer or blogger).

2.3 The characteristics of this site (features, logo, pages, text) can be modified by the administrator at any time he thinks it is necessary, without previous notification and without providing a specific reason.

2.4 Since there are made continuous changes in the structure of the site and for improving the concept of the site, its members will accept future changes.

2.5 Users do not have the right to ask the administrator about changes made on the site or technical support.

2.6 The administrator does not have any responsibilities for general loses due to bad functioning or interruptions of the service.

  1. User obligations

3.1.1 The site can be accessed only through web browsers. Using any script or IT program is not allowed.

3.1.2 Using the errors of the site for personal purposes is not allowed. The user has the obligation to announce the administrator about any error.

3.2 Users do not have the right to copy or share any part of the site owned by ProDigitalMedia.

3.3 While communicating with the administrator, by blogging or text messages, the user has to use decent language, without undermining the authority of the administrator.

3.4 The user declares on his own risk, by using the site, that he is 18 or older.

3.5 The access on the site www.prodigitalmedia.ro is a privilege and not a right, which can be revoked at any time when the administrators of the site consider that customers interests have been injured by fraud attempts, not respecting the imposed requirements or any other actions than can injure the interests of the customers or the society that deploys its activity at the address www.prodigitalmedia.ro.

  1. Intellectual property rights

The content of the site www.prodigitalmedia.ro is offered for personal use and cannot be used, copied, shared, exposed, sold, or licensed with other purposes without a previous accord from the property right holder. The administrator has all the rights for this website and for its content. The user agrees not to copy or share content of a third parties for commercial purpose. In order to download and print a copy for personal use, he has to have all the copyrights or an approval from the owners of the content. Violating these rights leads to their claim in court according to laws.

  1. Money submissions and withdrawals

5.1 Customer-type users can begin a campaign on the site, choosing the package they want. Payment is made using a proform. The invoice is emitted after the payment has been done.

  1. By buying services on this site, you agree that the site for which we deliver any type of services to appear at the section “portfolio”.

If you have any questions related to Terms and conditions, please write us at office@prodigitalmedia.ro

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