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Privacy policy

General information

The most important thing for us in protecting the privacy of our users. We make sure that the information you offer us will remain private and will be used only for purposes they are meant for. SC Seles Online Project SRL has the objective to protect and respect its users.


Collecting information

This site collects information like pagerank, alexarank, IP address and traffic related information.The information can be compiled and presented to third parties, without the possibility of any personal detail to be detected.


Using personal information

Your personal information will not be alienated, rented, sold, borrowed, exposed or revealed under other forms to third parties, excepting the situations in which we have your permission. It is possible to use your personal information only to contact you after certain periods of times, for problems related to our site and common interests.


Public access zone

Please take into consideration that publishing any of your personal information in the public access zone of the site www.prodigitalmedia.ro (blogging section) may be collected and used by other persons over whom we have no control.



This site is not destined to children under 18 years old. We don’t consciously collect information from users under 18 years old.



The security measures designed by us, technical and organizational, have the purpose to protect your personal information. However, we cannot guarantee that our security cannot be accessed by unauthorized people using advanced informational means.



The “Privacy policy” can be modified by the administrator if he considers that it is really necessary. The users will be informed about any modifications made by the administrator, in order to know at any moment what kind of information we collect and in which ways we use them.


About Cookies

Cookies are used by web servers to differentiate users and to be able to react depending on their actions during a session made of more separate transactions. They were invented in order to implement a virtual shopping cart: usually, the user firstly logs in, then he navigates on the site, adds or eliminates objects from the cart, then he visualizes the content of the shopping cart, asks for calculation of the final price, decides to order (or not), and in the end he logs out. Users authentication on the server is another application of the cookies; using them, the servers note that the user has logged in and will allow him to make actions that are specific to those who are authenticated.


Several sites use cookies to allow users to modify the way that the web pages are displayed, depending on personal preferences, which are retained also between sessions. In this way there can be modified and memorized aspects related to functionality and graphic display of the pages.


If you have any questions related to “Privacy policy”, please contact us on “Contact” page.

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